View Full Version : Wild Ride?

03-08-2010, 05:59 AM
Took the 08 Rubi up to BWI 2 weeks ago, and felt like I was riding a bucking bronco (sorry Dave, no punn intended). Was nearly uncontrolable at 70 MPH on I-97.

I kinda figured out that I hadn't driven it at highway speed since I welded on that Godzilla JKS Front Trackber mount...and that mostl likely cause was that the rear end didn't want to go where the front end was tracking to.

Finally got off my arse and put in a JKS adjustable trackbar, got it within 1/8" of dead even (kinda hard measuring off tire lugs, would be better if from the rim or at least somewhere a little more firm).

Seems to track better...at least I'm not worried about gettin' pulled over!

I did go over everything, nuthin' busted, loose, or bent..except for that skid plate under my gas tank (but it'll unbend when I'm done with it...). Never had the dreaded "death wobble". I'm pretty sure the rest of the shakin' is coming from those bias ply 17x12.50x34's I'm running.