View Full Version : 1980 CJ-5 Rebuild

01-02-2012, 08:53 PM
It has taken about a year since I got this rig to build my shop. I have rebuilt my shed workshop and constructed a 10 x 20 Garage in a Box so i have enough room . I have tried to make it as organized as i can for the rebuild, it hasn't lasted long. I began the dismantling shortly after the hurricane. It only suffered a few dents in the hood. Not too bad considering the same trees crushed my boat.. I am happy to say I have it down to the frame and am beginning to rebuild it. I have tried to get all the warm weather dismantling done, so i can rebuild things in my heated shed.. I travel for work so it is hard to wrench on it all the time. My uncle keeps me TDY quite a bit. I have attended a few club meetings and both the York Jeep show and the Bantam Jeep Festival last year. My end goal is to have a rebuilt trail ready jeep. Something I can drive to the trails and have fun with, then hopefully drive it back home again. Not a mall crawler, but not a trailer queen either.:talk: I am starting with the frame, only have a few spots to weld, but also want to make sure the rust is totally eradicated before I lay some chassis black on it. I hope to make the January meeting, if the travel gods are willing, i should be back next week end..:confused: