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Gunny 03-28-2007 12:47 PM

Driving Directions
Below will be listed driving directions to events held by HRC. This thread will be locked from reply's and is only for posting directions. If you have any questions, please post in the general forum.
Thank you

Gunny 03-28-2007 12:48 PM

Crozet, via back roads
Driving directions to VROC Off-road Park Crozet, Va.
This is a short back road’s course designed to save time, reduce speeds, and is a more leisurely route.

From Leonardtown, take 234 19 miles

Turn Left onto 301 S across bridge 9.3 miles
(Toll $3 car, $9 w/trailer) I heard it's now $12 with a trailer, not sure what the car rate is.
Right onto 218/206 2.7 miles

Stay Left onto 206 6 miles

Right onto Kings Hwy Route 3 15 miles

Left Ramp onto Route 3, Blue Gray Hwy 16.5 miles

Left onto Hwy 20 to Orange 21.7 miles

Left onto Hwy 15 to Gordansville 8.3 miles

At Circle take Hwy 231 South 9.6 miles

Stay straight on 22 South 5.0 miles

Right onto Route 250 2.2 miles

Left onto Interstate 64 West 16.4 miles

Exit 107 turn Right onto 250 East 1.4 miles

Turn Left onto 240 to Crozet 1.4 miles

At Stop sign, go straight onto Crozet Ave. approx 2 miles

At bottom of hill, immediately past a small bridge, Turn hard left onto Bearwood Rd (gravel)
Follow this narrow dirt road past the “end state maintenance” sign, through Cattle gate, to the top of the pasture. Your there!

Gunny 03-28-2007 01:54 PM

Crozet, via interstates and main roads
Go to 301 south.

Turn LEFT onto CRAIN HWY / US-301 S / BLUE STAR MEMORIAL HWY. Continue to follow US-301 S (Portions toll) (Crossing into VIRGINIA). 35.8 miles Map Toll bridge is $12 with a trailer, not sure what it is for a car.

US-301 S becomes VA-207 W. 11.3 miles

Merge onto I-95 S toward RICHMOND. 19.7 miles

Take the I-295 exit- EXIT 84B- toward CHARLOTTESVILLE. 0.4 miles

Take the US-1 S exit on the LEFT toward RICHMOND. 0.2 miles

Merge onto I-295 N via the exit on the LEFT toward I-64 W / CHARLOTTESVILLE. 8.5 miles

Merge onto I-64 W via EXIT 53A toward CHARLOTTESVILLE. 70.2 miles

Take the US-250 exit- EXIT 107- toward CROZET. 0.2 miles

Keep RIGHT at the fork to go on US-250 E / ROCKFISH GAP TURNPIKE. 1.4 miles

Turn LEFT onto VA-240 / CROZET AVE. 1.3 miles

At Stop sign, go straight onto Crozet Ave. approx 2 miles

At bottom of hill, immediately past a small bridge, Turn hard left onto Bearwood Rd (gravel)
Follow this narrow dirt road past the “end state maintenance” sign, through Cattle gate, to the top of the pasture. Your there!

Gunny 03-29-2007 07:32 AM

Cove Campgrounds at Gore, VA
Driving directions to Gore (Cove Campground) VA. 980 Cove Road, Gore, VA 22637 (540)-858-2882

From Rt4 - 235 (WAWA) go north on 235 and Rt5 going straight through Waldorf for approx 40 miles.

Exit Right onto Indian Head Hwy North for 10 miles.

Take ramp onto 95-495 South, staying on 495 for approx 18 miles.

Take exit 49c Hwy 66 West for 65 miles.

Exit 1B onto 81 North for 10 miles.

Exit 310 onto 37 North for 5 miles.

Exit onto 50 West (Northwestern Pike) for 10 miles.

You will cross over 2 sets of railroad tracks on Rt50. After the second set you need to start slowing down in the left lane. There will be a turn lane for Gore Road, make this left.

Drive about ½ mile and turn left just past the Gore store onto Back Creek Road.

Be careful, this is a narrow twisty road. Proceed for another 4 ½ miles.

Look for Cove campground sign on left, Rock Enon Springs Rd. (Gravel Road) and go ½ mile.

At the bottom of the hill next to the lake, turn left onto Cove Road. You will be passing through a Boy Scout campground. Continue on, passing the Snow Tubing area until you reach the Cove campgrounds check-in Cabin. Stop here and pay Willis or whoever is there for the weekend. Tell them you’re with Hard Rock Crawlers.

We usually set up at “Camp 3” if it’s available. From the Check-in, you can either go left or right and still get there.

If you go right, drive past the large tank garages and take the second fire road left into the camp 3 area. This is a sharp turn with a steep hill so it’s difficult with a trailer.

If you turn left along the lake, make the first right up the hill toward the old staging area. Pass the upper lake (lake cabin area) and turn right at the showers. Then make the second left up to Camp 3.

Gunny 10-29-2007 01:40 PM

To Rausch Creek
Rausch Creek driving directions

From the bridge on rt 4 go north approx 40 miles to Rt 301

301N approx 19 miles to Interstate 97

97N approx 9.4 miles to exit 17A, 695 West around Baltimore.

695 West/North/ then East approx 21.7 miles to exit 24, Interstate 83 North.

83N to Harrisburg approx 73 miles to exit 51B, Interstate 81N/78E.

81N splits from 78E 19 miles later at approx mile marker 89, you need to be in the left lane here.

81N 26 miles to exit 107, Rt 209.

At the end of the ramp, which loops around, turn right at the stop sign.
Disregard the Rausch Creek directional sign there, as it's taking you the opposite direction to the ATV park.

209E approx 1.4 miles to the city of Joliett.

Turn Left onto Joliett Street and left just a block later onto Molleystown Rd (township Rd 634).

Follow Molleystown Rd to the Rausch Creek Offroad Park on the right (less than 1 mile).

A close up map of Exit 107, Joliett, and the last few miles to RC can be found here: http://www.rauschcreekoffroadpark.com/sis/direct.php

ScubaSteve 05-16-2008 11:11 AM

Driving Directions to Rocky Run Unloading Area
Directions to the Rocky Run Unloading area:
Start at Hinton, a dot on the map 6 miles west of Harrisonburg, VA on US 33(Rawley Pike)
Go straight (NW) on US 33 (Rawley Pike) 1.65 mi

Turn right (NE) on to SR 613 (Whitmore Shop Rd) 0.68 mi

Turn left (NW) on to SR 726 (War Branch Rd) 1.14 mi

Turn right (NE) on to SR 612 (Peake Mountain Rd) 0.30 mi

Keep left (NNE) on SR 612 (Peake Mountain Rd) 3.77 mi

Turn left (NW) on to Long Run Rd 5.73 mi

Turn left (S) on to Second Mountain Trl 0.81 mi

Finish at Clines Hacking (Rocky Run Unloading Area)

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