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Install went well. Lacked in the photo department but took around 7 hrs to complete (ball joints and hubs). My first upper ball joint I tried to remove using the setting adapter, ended up breaking my 3/4" ratchet. Once I put the right adapter on it they all popped right out and they all set straight. The old ones pretty much dangled in place once the knuckle was removed. Night and day difference. Crossing over different road surfaces and something like an expansion joint on a bridge the front end is much more stable.

I did notice on the ride home though that my drag link adjuster sleeve is no longer clamping tight. What started out as a straight steering wheel was in the 9 oclock position later in the afternoon. Clamps are tight as can be but the sleeve is still movable by hand, and easily. Need to take it apart completely and see if the drag link and/or pitman arm threads are buggered at all. If not, then a new sleeve for $15 bucks is hopefully the fix.
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