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Default Re: The Curse of the KJ

Originally Posted by britsheabla View Post
I wasn't too sure where to post this so here it goes. Im looking for any advice and help I can get at this point. Two weeks ago the ignition switch and ignition switch pin (i think) failed so those were replaced. Then yesterday as I was driving my oil light came on, so I get to a stop light and decide I would pull over to check my oil level, my Jeep burns so much oil its ridiculous. So the light turns green for me to go and the Jeep won't even move, so I have to turn the key like im starting it again even though the Jeep was already running. So after I got it moving I pulled over and checked the oil level and it was just under the "add" line on the dipstick. so not too low, this shouldnt have caused it too "stall out" on me. is this a problem with the oil pump or the oil pressure sending unit?
I did add a quart of oil and the light isnt illuminated anymore. I just want to know what the issue is.
please help! thank you!
Did the engine actually cut off on you at the stop light or did the Key fall back into the ACC position and the Jeep woudlnt move? can you explain a bit more.

sounds like your burning of oil and "stalling" issue are unrelated, but I could be wrong.

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