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Default Re: Big Dogs Summer Slam

I know some may be headed to Topless for TaTas this weekend. Hope everyone enjoys and stays safe.

Weather is looking awesome for this weekend so if nothing planned jump in the rig of choice and come on out to play. I have the Liberty loaded up on the new to me trailer and ready to do my own testing of the TRAIL BADGE worthiness of the Liberty.

She is stock, with a off camber front driver wheel, and stuffed my Mickey Thompson Baja MTZs up under her. 31x10.50. Cut and folded what I could of the pinch seam. Still a lot of rubbing on full turn, well not even full turn she starts rubbing. Don't care the mission this weekend is to pistol whip this thing into submission!

If anyone decides to come out, I will be at Camp 10. come on over and meet the guys from RCPFA.
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