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Old 07-29-2012, 04:51 PM
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Default 2.5" Lift Recommendation

First of all, background. I am running a 09 (more or less stock) Rubicon. I am looking to eventually expand my horizons from 32" tires to 35" tires once my current tires are expired. In preparation for Rubi's new shoes, I have researched that the best legs to give her would be a 2.5" lift as I wouldn't have to worry about other major modifications (axle/control arms/etc) and still be able to get full articulation without rub. I realize i may need to do a lil trimming on the frame sliders to accomplish 100% range but i consider that standard.

So question 1) is 2.5" the appropriate lift?

question 2) is there a recommended lift product people recommend? I would like to maintain my current electronic sway bar disconnect during this process.

*This is what i am currently considering: http://www.quadratec.com/products/16190_2510_07.htm

There are other packages without shocks/do shock extensions/without springs/do spacers/are just shocks/are just spacers.

This is still my everyday driver so i would like to maintain good ride quality so i felt that it would be best to do both springs and shocks to get the performance off road and ride comfort on the road. Maybe i'm asking for too much.

question 3) Do i need to consider future mods such as added weight from a winch/bumpers/etc when selecting my lift? or is weight something that can be easily rendered with a cheap body lift if i experience rub after another mod down the road?

Sorry for the long post. Just looking from input from all of you experienced wheelers. please and thank you!

Drewbicon with the Rubicon
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